In today’s incredibly fast-paced business environment, effective communications is the “price of entry” for a successful business strategy. SCS, Inc. defines “effective communications” as:

The ability for your business to quickly and reliably communicate mission critical information internally (among employees and management)
and externally (to prospects, customers, and vendors).

To facilitate effective communications at all operational levels, SCS, Inc. offers an array of services that provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to your most pressing business communications needs, including:

Phone/Fax (Voice)

In today’s challenging business environment, voice communications represent the core of your business communications infrastructure. As a result, the success of your business depends upon your choice and implementation of a reliable (yet cost-effective) voice communications solution that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re just starting up, expanding your operations, or need a more relevant solution for your current environment, SCS, Inc. can help. Our extensive experience and key industry partnerships allow us to provide the expertise, equipment, installation, and configuration of your mission-critical voice solution – quickly, reliably, and at a reasonable price. To find out more about SCS, Inc.’s voice communications capabilities, click here.

Networking (Data)

Today’s businesses require reliable and secure information sharing within and among their office(s). In addition, for companies to compete effectively, it’s more important than ever that they utilize a reliable and secure Internet connection as a mechanism to support external communications (i.e., Web site, research, e-mail) and remote access to in-house systems and data (i.e., internal networks, software applications, data, and reports).
To support this requirement, it’s imperative that companies design and implement an affordable data/networking infrastructure that utilizes the latest technologies and can ‘scale’ as your organization evolves and grows. To find out how SCS, Inc. can help you get the most out of your critical networking investment dollar, click here.

Network Analysis, Design, & Implementation

To understand your most critical data/networking infrastructure needs and determine whether or not your current infrastructure can support those needs, our experienced professionals can perform our ‘no charge’ network analysis. Once we’ve assessed your current data/networking needs and infrastructure, we can then provide a detailed cost estimate to perform our comprehensive (yet affordable) network design and implementation services. To find out more about how SCS, Inc. can add real value to your data/networking infrastructure and overall business communications, click here.

Internet Access

Is your company connected to the Internet via the fastest, most reliable and affordable means? Will your Internet connectivity ‘scale’ with your company as you add employees, locations, and business requirements? Today, optimizing the effectiveness of your company’s Internet connection requires you to have extensive knowledge of networking and telecommunications technologies, equipment, and vendors.
At SCS, Inc., we can help you through IT. Our experienced professionals effectively assess your business needs in order to design and implement an internet connection strategy that meets your ‘real’ business needs of both today and tomorrow. To learn more about how SCS, Inc. can optimize your ‘connectivity’ so you can do more with less, click here.

Remote Access

Today’s affordable technologies make it easier than ever to experience reliable and secure remote access to your company’s internal networks and systems. Whether you’d like to provide telecommuting capabilities to your employees, allow key employees to be able to connect and work remotely, or connect multiple offices via fast/secure connection, we can help you get IT done.
Our unmatched technical expertise allows us to design and implement remote access solutions that meet your most demanding needs – reliably, securely, and affordably. To find out how SCS, Inc. can help you ‘go remote’, click here.

Remote Support

As your business grows and evolves, your IT needs typically increase in complexity. The costs of developing in-house IT expertise to meet those increasingly complex IT needs is overwhelming, especially when you factor in the following:

  • Recruiting/Hiring costs
  • Salary, Bonuses, and additional Taxes
  • Employee Benefits (Healthcare, Life/Disability Insurance, 401k)
  • Risk – does your new-hire truly possess the skills & experience to add maximum value to your overall business?

In today’s difficult business climate, there’s an inexpensive alternative that allows you to meet your evolving IT objectives, while containing costs – outsource your IT staff through SCS, Inc.
At SCS, Inc., we work closely with you to understand your business and put information technology to work for you. We focus on providing affordable tools that improve communications, productivity, and marketing effectiveness, while ultimately enhancing your ability to analyze your business and make better business decisions. Our experienced professionals enable high-ROI technologies for your business, so you can focus on your core competencies. To find out more about how SCS, Inc. can become your IT Partner, click here.

Web Development

Is your web site doing all that it can for your company? Developing a professional looking “content-rich” web site can be a daunting task. At SCS, Inc., our professional Consultants and Web Designers guide you through the painstaking process of defining/refining your company’s web presence, while making certain the end results reflect your vision and unique brand. Whether you’re interested in creating a corporate “presence”, e-commerce application, intranet, or extranet, our talented and experienced web professionals get IT done – affordably and on schedule.

Web Hosting

Once you’ve made the considerable effort to conceptualize and develop your company’s web presence, you need a reliable and affordable hosting service to make absolutely certain that your prospects, customers, and employees can access mission-critical information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. SCS Inc.’s web-hosting service delivers rock-solid reliability - we enable piece of mind.

Don’t leave IT to chance; let SCS, Inc. help your business become more efficient through reliable and cost-effective business communications solutions. To contact a SCS, Inc. representative, click here.

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