To remain competitive as your business evolves and grows, it’s more important than ever to capitalize on efficiencies that today’s IT solutions can provide. Whether you’re trying to reduce paperwork, improve processes and cycle times, improve data accuracy, or simply “do more with less”, SCS, Inc. provides the expertise required to effectively navigate the maze of IT solutions that fit your particular need. This allows you to remain focused on what you do best, while maximizing your investment dollar.

SCS, Inc. offers an array of hardware and software-related services that provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to your most pressing technology needs, including:

  • Hardware Systems & Peripherals
  • OS and Productivity Software
  • Custom Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Systems Integration & Deployment
  • Technical & Industry Expertise

In addition to the above hardware/software services, SCS, Inc. provides the following services:

IT Outsourcing

Are you looking to trim your IT costs, while improving your overall IT efficiency and capabilities? If so, SCS, Inc.’s IT Outsourcing can have a dramatic impact on your organization.

Why Outsource IT - to SCS, Inc.?

Successful companies in the service business have learned — often the hard way — that dedicating their in-house staff, resources and management overhead to technology support services, software applications, or hardware systems is not the most efficient or cost-effective way to run a business.

Focusing on technology systems and support, instead of your core business services, increases overhead costs and management needs while reducing ROI. Most importantly, it diverts you from doing what you do best - providing your core services.

Outsourcing has many benefits: Fixed costs, Industry expertise, Best-in-class technology, and 24/7 support.

Because of our experience, our learning curve is virtually nonexistent. We'll help you achieve your strategic objectives faster, with little disruption and at a very competitive cost.

System Procurement Services

Our flexible procurement services are designed to meet the needs of customers who require custom solutions, but lack the resources and/or expertise to do it themselves. Core services include:

  • Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Distribution management
  • Tracking

Through bulk purchasing, we have strong negotiation power with leading hardware and software vendors and OEMs, thereby negotiating low rates for technology acquisition to reduce your overall system and technology costs. We also offer additional cost and risk reduction options such as hardware leasing.

Our procurement services provide coordinated deployment of hardware and equipment coast-to-coast throughout the U.S. Our asset tracking services enable you to keep accurate records of the equipment shipped to your sites and confirm its delivery.

SCS, Inc. Advantages

Utilizing SCS, Inc. as your Systems and Solutions provider has a number of significant advantages that can improve your IT Return on Investment and overall operational efficiency.

Flexible and Proven

Using sound methodologies, SCS, Inc. solutions can be customized to fit the number and type of IT services you need. Our technical expertise, industry alliances, and ability to partner allow us to develop business applications, configure networks and hardware, and design cost-effective and scalable project rollout plans. We perform…in one or many roles.

Rapid Implementation and Improved ROI

Today’s business environment demands that new information technology be applied quickly and reliably to bring maximum value. The choice of your implementation partner, and the methods they choose to practice, are as critical to business success as the technology itself. Leave IT to us…to achieve a greater return, faster.

Non-Disruptive - Productivity Improvement

We realize that the world doesn’t stop when you are adding new technology to your business, and that daily operations still need to be managed – after all, your clients deserve high quality service. SCS, Inc. resources can be easily inserted to design and manage strategies that will focus on efficient ways to help your business swiftly implement and adapt to new technology. We do IT…so you can improve your business

Don’t leave IT to chance; allow SCS, Inc. to help your business become more efficient through reliable and cost-effective systems and technology solutions. To contact a SCS, Inc. representative, click here.

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