As your business evolves and grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain/support your technology infrastructure. In addition, the in-house skills required to facilitate the evolution process can be expensive to maintain and may only supply limited knowledge. SCS, Inc. can lower these costs, increase your company’s effectiveness at managing change, and allow you to focus on executing key business objectives.

Reliable and cost-effective IT maintenance and support-related services provided by SCS include:

  • Ongoing System Procurement & Maintenance
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • User Training
  • Network Administration
  • Business Expansion
  • Database Administration
  • Security

While SCS, Inc. can provide the above services on an as needed basis, our clients recognize the value of bundling the above services into an ongoing blanket support agreement via SCS, Inc.’s “Remote IT Support” agreement.

Remote IT Support

SCS, Inc.’s Remote IT Support Agreement and accompanying services exemplify the flexibility and technical capabilities of SCS, Inc., which fit the constant IT needs of small-to-medium sized organizations.

The intention of our Remote IT Support (RITS) Agreement is to insure that your company’s systems, networks, and communications function as designed, on a day-to-day basis, while providing a mechanism for remaining current with business growth and IT-related initiatives of our clients. With our RITS Agreement, you’ll receive immediate and premium technical expertise at the most affordable price.

Typically, our RITS Agreement services include:

  • on-line support and administration
  • system troubleshooting and on-site service
  • network maintenance
  • unlimited phone support
  • training and advisory services
  • preventative maintenance
  • loaner equipment
  • extended and emergency service options

SCS, Inc. combines its technical expertise, process experience, and operations knowledge to support the critical business functions of your business, enabling piece of mind for you to concentrate on the challenges and opportunities of your core business.

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